Declaration Against Panic and Mass Restrictions

Humanity in 2020 faces a new challenge. Despite the informational contradictions, misinformation and fear, today we know enough  about the COVID-19 outbreak to take a stand - scientific, ethical, legal, civil, economic. Based on observations and facts, taking into account the opinion of hundreds of scientists - epidemiologists, virologists, pulmonologists, pathologists, doctors of other specialties, lawyers, economists, sociologists, psychologists, specialists in media terrorism - we, the citizens of different countries, who signed the Declaration, declare our will to not allow the fear of mere Acute Respiratory Viral Infection (ARVI) to take away our rights, we will not allow to destroy the world that we have built for our children! And we will fight for them!

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Hence we proclaim our comprehension of the situation, which differs significantly from that of the authorities of many countries:

  1. COVID-19 is not a typhus, not a plague, not a tularemia, not an AIDS, not an anthrax, not a smallpox, not a yellow fever, nor any other high consequence contagious disease. There are no other ARVI on the lists of high consequence contiguous diseases. According to WHO, more than a billion people in the world suffer seasonal flu annually. According to the official figures, less than 40 million people fell ill with COVID-19 in 10 months of the «pandemic».
    The loss from COVID-19 of one million people worldwide (correctedness of this cause of death is questioned by many scientists) for humanity during this period is comparable to the loss of the flu (650 thousand per year) and pneumonia (about 3 million per year). Therefore, COVID-19 cannot be considered a real threat to humanity. It cannot be compared to the plague, etc.
  2. COVID-19 is an ARVI with some unique to it features that every other kind of ARVI has. It's issues are solved by the routine local quarantine measures when epidemic thresholds are exceeded. COVID-19 has exceeded epidemic thresholds almost nowhere in the world. The current definition of «pandemic» (intentionally simplified by WHO in 2009) allows it to be applied to any ARVI, which seems more like a fraud on part of WHO. There is no known collective WHO decision to introduce the COVID-19 pandemic, which does require a review of the WHO job as well as trials of officials  who orchestrated panic all around the globe.
  3. This is not a pandemic of the virus - this is a pandemic of the panic - infodemic (the WHO term) based exceptionally on PCR tests and seasonal ARVIs. WHO have mandated an encoding of COVID-19 in the classification of diseases of the X revision (ICD-X) based entirely on test results, while excluding the opinion of doctors from the diagnostic process. Thus false-positive-test-results driven diagnostics in combination with seasonal ARVI has provided basis to a false pandemic being declared. It doesn't matter what kind of virus it is - such a pandemic can go on forever! Those affected according to the tests are deliberately mixed with the sick, but those who have the virus detected by the test are not necessarily sick (deliberately introduced term «asymptomatic carriers» indicates the absence of disease in 80% of people even when facing the virus - they do not have clinical manifestations and are not contagious). Total number of «sick» scares the population and even the authorities themselves, while disregards the usual seasonal incidence of acute respiratory infections and flu. Would it be any other acute respiratory viral infection, with such panic and measures we see implemented now, the outcome would be the same, but such measures were never taken before. They were considered unnecessary, and life went on!
  4. People with suspected ARVI were not previously taken to the hospitals en masse, where as a result of the influx of panicking people with ARVI (once again, keep in mind that one billion people get sick with influenza annually), the absence of triage and isolation this time have created the real hot spots of infection. Moreover, many pneumonia cases have been treated at home for many years, which is way safer than to treat them at the hospitals, since there is no increase in viral load, no nosocomial infection risks and no hypostatic effects (that contribute to pneumonia development) present in the home environment. 
  5. Isolation of people in many countries, instead of the usual local quarantine measures, has led not only to a halt in the economy, business destruction and job losses, but has also increased the mortality rate from other causes, that in some instances exceeds mortality rate from COVID-19 multiifold. The incidence of addictions, obesity, diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases has increased, the number of personal conflicts and domestic violence cases has increased as well. The transfer of schoolage children to distance learning setting has led to a massive deterioration in their vision, posture, development of obesity, physical inactivity, diabetes mellitus, and mental disorders, including depression and suicide. We demand our children are protected from factors that worsen and/or endanger their health condition. If quarantine is needed, then, as before, it is not necessary to study while staying home.
  6. Illness (not health) - based business, which has become the basis of WHO activities and government authorities even before, turned pandemic into a «gold mine», making it economically profitable. The World Bank issued pandemic bonds several years ago, which directly indicates manipulative nature of the current events, thus creating a circle of interested parties that promote and stirring the  panic up! In this situation, billions of people have become a source of income to large corporations (production and disposal of personal protective equipment, medicines, vaccines; design, development and implementation of platforms for remote working and learning; etc.). State governments have begun to earn money on fines and cuts in social services. That is, diseases, a pandemic are the «new oil» of the world! But such approaches are crimes against humanity, and must be mercilessly punished! After all, we talk about the alarmists that deliberately create panic for their personal gain! Such people has been always a subject to due process and criminal charges with confiscation of property! And we must aim to fair and just due process!


  7. Panic, not ARVI per se, has led to an overload of health care systems in most countries, as well as refusal to provide care to people with hundreds of other health issues - even with injuries, strokes, heart attacks, oncology, pregnancy, etc.
  8. Masks are capable of causing and exacerbating pneumonia, which is then considered the cause of death from COVID-19 - this is how panic and pandemic are ignited!Masks protect a little from SARS, but they also kill! This statement not only follows from the increased number of "masked" deaths reported in the media and many complaints from citizens about fainting due to mask wearing, but also from the WHO recommendations. In fact, WHO recommended masks only to patients with clinical manifestations of ARVI (who in the first place should stay at home or be hospitalized if needed) and their first-hand contacts (doctors and members of the same household). Healthy individuals including so-called asymptomatic carriers, do not need a mask; for patients with broncho-pulmonary, cardiovascular, allergic, mental illnesses, and children - the mask can be dangerous. And must have contraindications in the instructions. The presence of contraindications excludes the obligation to all citizens to wear masks. Masks can only be recommended with an explanation of the benefits and the risks. One cannot demand from others to die in a mask for the sake of someone not getting sick with ARVI!
  9. Practiced in the course of a panic selection of therapy algorythm in itself could kill more people than it could cure. Such drug as hydroxychloroquine, which was massively used in accord with WHO recommendations, drug that causes arrhythmia as a side effect  even when used in a regular dose, was prescibed and used in a dose that was twice the norm. And when WHO, apparently out of fear of the consequences, stopped that study, the drug still continues to be used in some countries. This could easily be one of the reasons of the additional deaths. Anti-COVID-19 drugs are developed in rush with implementation of accelerated procedures in violation of all the regular rules of obtaining the information on the effectiveness and safety of the drugs, which is unjustified.
  10. There is no such thing as mass vaccination against ARVI. The reason is it's meaninglessness. Any respiratory virus mutates so quickly that the vaccine does not protect, but can rather harm, especially if it is incidentally made and not properly tested, not only on healthy people for the sake of time, but also on weak and elderly, whom it is designed to protect (healthy people don't needed it at all), and for whom it is a danger. Hence, the authorities' hope for vaccination is incomprehensible. In a situation where it is obvious that COVID-19 does not have a particular danger, no one has the right to force people to compulsory vaccinations, especially under the threat of fines or other restrictions of rights, including free movement in between the countries. Otherwise, similar policy should be developed for each ARVI and flu, but this is impossible.
  11. In almost all countries, leading physicians and doctors are barred from making decisions in regards to the COVID-19 outbreak. There are no scientific discussions - there is only frustration and resentment of scientists and doctors with "pandemic" measures taken. This suggests that the authorities are fighting not against the virus, but against something or someone else - for example, with human and civil rights of their citizens, as colossal blow comes precisely on the rights, and not on the virus spread.
  12. The media has violated the very principles of objectivity by totally ignoring the alternative opinions. In fact, they have turned to mere disinformation and panic propaganda! Social networks block information and prevent the dissemination of arguments that differ from the opinion of the authorities. All of this entails a sense of hopelessness in people. The media should be held accountable for their part in stirring up the panic and provide apology to public for misinformation!
  13. Our rights to travel, to communicate, to work, to education, to health care other than for COVID-19-related reasons, and even at times the right to life, are massively violated. Society turned out to be divided into those who support the actions of the authorities, and who are against that - who are for masks and who  are against them, who are for vaccination and who oppose. There are more and more conflicts over this. In fact, using the rule of law on the epidemic, the authorities of many countries have frozen and violated all civil rights. Relations in the society are becoming increasingly similar to totalitarian ones with the use of the fascist -like methods by the governments.

Measures of social disintegration rob us of an opportunity to see the smiles of loved ones, children, beauty and facial expressions of each other, we are not allowed to smell and breathe normally, we are deprived of the opportunity to fall in love and continue our heritage as species, the overwhelming majority of people are depressed, scared, demotivated, the future of the world is suddenly uncertain and no longer makes sense for the majority of people, we are deprived of  our future.

However, we do not intend to live in fear infested by those who frighten us with mere ARVI, and we do not intend to give up on our rights and future for the sake of someone's  dangerous fantasies and fears.


  • massively organize due legal processes in international and state court arenas against producers and organizers of the «COVID-19 pandemic» with the involvement of scientists and the public, with objective coverage of all judicial and other legal processes related to COVID-19 in the media;
  • create your own media outlets, your own ways of notifying others about your position and activities. Ensure the independence of media outlets from the  government bodies is verified, the issue of separating media from the state is resolved, including the establishment of a threshold for the share of funding for independent media from the state;
  • sign this Declaration on the website, share it with at least 4 friends, convey it to representatives of different branches of government of your state and region, and to media representatives.

from authorities, including international authorities:

  1. Full dennouncement of the pandemic;
  2. Removal of all rights restrictions imposed due to the outbreak of COVID-19, excluding the usual local quarantine measures in case of exceeding epidemic thresholds;
  3. Cancellation of the mandatory wearing of masks, inclusion of contraindications in the instructions to masks;
  4. Proper verification and checks of all drugs proposed for the treatment of COVID-19, registered in the accelerated mode, suspension of validity of permits for  verification period;
  5. Prevention of compulsory vaccinations, prevention of vaccinations with untested vaccines (they are not entitled to be called «vaccines» until evidence of efficacy and safety is obtained - this is part of misinformation);
  6. Invitation of specialists in epidemiology, virology, etc., to  join  authorities  in  order  to provide them with motivated informed opinion    that  shall  be  taken  into  account   should  there be a need for adoption of decisions  on  possible  temporary  restrictions of the civil rights.

Moscow, 10/18/2020

The declaration was signed by:


Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Doctor of Medicine, doctor-epidemiologist


Candidate of Philology, Moscow State University, expert on media terrorism (panic, infodemia, fakes)


Chairman of the International Public Organization «Independent Association of Physicians», neurologist


Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Doctor of Medicine, Professor of the Department of Management in the Social Sphere of the Engineering and Economic University, Head of the Department of Quality of Life and Public Health of the National Institute of Health of the Russian Federation. 1996-97 - Chairman of the Healthcare Committee of the St. Petersburg Administration. In 1998, deputy of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg of the second convocation, in 2002 - deputy of the third convocation


President of the All-Russian public organization «League of Patients' Defenders», an expert of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a member of the Expert Council under the Government of the Russian Federation


Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor, Member of the Writers' Union of Russia, Director of the Center for Geopolitics of the Institute for Fundamental and Applied Research, Moscow Humanitarian University


TV presenter Tsargrad, public figure


Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, President of the group of companies "VASH Doctor"

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